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Employment Opportunities

New Milford is located in Litchfield County on the western border of Connecticut in the beautiful Housatonic Valley. To the west is the Town is Sherman and Candlewood Lake. To the south are Brookfield and Danbury. Kent and Warren are north; Washington, Bridgewater and Roxbury are to the east. New Milford is the largest town by area in the state, consisting of approximately 40,321 acres or 64 square miles with a population of approximately 28,000. There are approximately 175 miles of improved or paved road and 26 miles of unimproved or gravel road.

The New Milford Police department consists of approximately 47 sworn police officers and 12 non-sworn employees.

The New Milford Police Department is comprised of three separate units:

  • Field Operations
  • Investigative Services Bureau
  • Administrative Services


Additionally, the New Milford Police Department has specialty units:

  • K-9
  • Community Enhancement Unit
  • SCUBA Dive and Rescue
  • Crash Reconstruction Team
  • School Resource Officers

Child Safety Seat Program

Police Officer Hiring Standards

The Town of New Milford would like to thank you for your interest in employment with our Police Department. We are very dedicated in our objective to hire only the most qualified individuals through a strong commitment to our hiring standards. Below is a list of specific guidelines we follow when reviewing applicant backgrounds. The information listed does not constitute all applicable hiring standards of this Department.

In Service to our Community

The mission of the New Milford Police Department is to enhance the quality of life in our community by working cooperatively with the public and within the framework of the United States and Connecticut Constitutions and statutes.  To enforce the laws equitably, preserve the peace, reduce fear, and provide for a safe environment for all our citizens.

Values and Standards

  • The Police Department will appropriately involve the community in all policing activities that directly affect the quality of community life and citizens.
  • The Police Department will maintain crime prevention as a goal, while vigorously pursuing those who commit crimes.
  • The Police Department will ensure that its policing strategies will preserve and advance democratic values, respecting the rights and liberties of all.
  • The Police Department will encourage public input regarding the development of policies that directly affect the quality of neighborhood life.
  • The Police Department will manage its resources effectively.
  • The Police Department will seek the input of employees into matters that affect job satisfaction and effectiveness, and to assist in the achievement of the Department’s mission.
  • The Police Department will maintain the highest level of integrity and professionalism in all members and activities.
  • The Police Department will seek to provide a stable and consistent work environment, respectful of the dignity and human rights of each employee.

Entry Level. Hiring Process

Applications are  accepted only through policeapp.com
Women, minorities and POSTC certified officers to apply
Please visit CHIP website for further information www.ichiptest.com


21 years of age.
Must be a high school graduate or possess a G.E.D. equivalent.
Must possess a valid CT driver’s license
Ability to pass extensive background examination.
Must pass physical/written exams Conducted by CHIP
Must pass Physical Agility Test conducted By CHIP
Must pass Polygraph, Drug Screening

Candidates must poccess a valid CHIP card prior to the Medical screening of the hiring process.

Salary & Benefits

Applicant should be community relations oriented. Paid benefits include medical, dental and life insurance among others. Salary range up to $78,726.26 subject to collective bargaining:

Starting Officer Salary : $54,677.95*
After 1 year : $59.598.96*
After 3 years : $69,626.63*
After 5 years : $74,481 45*
After 10 years : $78,726_26*

*Certified Officers may be hired at the 3.-year step and 13 paid holidays.
After Completing 1 year of service, entry level police Officer 10 days of paid vacation.
After 5 years of continuous service, officers will receive 15 days vacation
and after 10 years they will receive 20 days of vacation.

CT Certified Process

Current certified CT Police Officers in good standing with POSTC and their current/previous agency or CSP mernbers are eligible for comparative Compliance in good standing with their agency are to send in a town of New Milford application directly to the Police Department C/O Deputy Chief’s Office.

Probationary Employment

Candidates who pass the written, oral and agility exam, and are given a Conditional Offer of Probationary Employment will be interviewed by a background investigator.
The candidate will be questioned without limitations on all of the above areas in a polygraph and psychological examination.
Candidates must meet the highest legal and ethical standards.
If a candidate has any questions about any of the above information, please speak with a Police Department or Personnel Directors representative.
Any omission, falsification, fabrication, lie or misleading statement will automatically result in disqualification from Police Officer working patrol will work five days on / three days off work cycle.
The Police Chief reserves the right to reject any eligible candidate who, on the basis of background and character investigation or medical examination, does not appear at the discretion of the Chief of Police to be the most suitable qualified candidate for the position of Police Officer in accordance with provisions of the Town of New Milford Personnel Rules or New Milford Police Department standards.

A candidate who fails to appear or is late for any part of the examination process, or does not satisfactorily pass any part of the examination, will be removed from any further consideration.
An individual appointed to the position of police officer must satisfactory complete an 1 8-month probationary period.

All inquiries should be directed to:
New Milford Personnel Department
10 Main Street
New Millard, CT 06776

You are not eligible for employment with the New Milford police Department if:

You have been convicted of a feliway crime or a crime for which you would be required to register per Connecticut law.
You have been convicted of any class A or Class B misdemeanors.
You have been convicted of a DWI within Three (3) Years of application date or Convicted of two (2) DWI regardless of the time Frame.
You have been Convicted or arrested of domestic violence or Domestic assault.
You have dishonorably discharged from any military service.
You have been terminated for cause from any department of Local, state or federal Government.
You have been asked to resign from a department while under Investigation of wrong doing.
Taking, possessing or Experimenting with any Drugs without prescription in the following Categories will be Immediately disqualified within two(2) years of the date of the written exam:
Cannabis Substance (i.e. Marijuana, Hashish, hash oil, Ganja Etc.).
Stimulants or Depressants (Cocaine, Crank, crystal, Methamphetamine, GHB, ecstasy etc.)
Steroids (i.e. Dianabol etc. )
Taking, possessing or experimenting with any Drugs without prescription in the following Categories will be immediately disqualified no matter what the time frame is: hallucinogen (ie. LSD, PCP, peyote, methadone etc.)
Any prescription scheduled class controlled drugs or substance

Other area of Concern includes, but is not limited to, the categories listed below:

Employment Military History
Driving history
Financial history
Criminal Activity/involvement
Truthfulness character issues

The New Milford Police Department is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages all persons to apply and have an opportunity to join one of the finest police departments in the State of Connecticut.